It's hot, y'all.

6 great resources covering the Austin startup scene


It's hot, y'all.



Austin's startup scene is vibrant, maybe even frenetic. I find it challenging to stay on top of it. Fortunately, there are some slammin' sites and terrific tweeters to help. Here are a few that I've found.

"Intro to the Austin Startup Scene" by Damon Clinkscales

OK, I'm cheating a bit here, because I only found the next two entries on this list from this super-helpful presentation on Slideshare. It's chock full of essential resources. Check it out, and then follow @Damon on Twitter.

Austin tech^map breaks the startup scene down by geography (obviously), as well as the type of company. It includes VCs, coworking spaces, and a list of who's hiring.

@bijoy's mindmap

Bijoy Goswami has created a really nifty mindmap charting communities, events, funding sources, incubators, and more. It also lists a number of other sources for Austin startup news.

This really really big list is what it sounds like: a list of over 1700 startup companies in Austin, and it's sortable by metrics like website traffic.

Austin Startup: news, jobs, & more is a good resource for breaking news coming from the startup scene, and you can subscribe to get news via e-mail. The site also has a jobs list (which unfortunately doesn't appear to be working at the moment) and a short list of other sites/resources.

Austin Startup Digest

This is really a two-parter: Startup Digest provides a "personalized insider newsletter" that you can tailor to specific interests and cities; and, Joshua Baer of Capital Factory fame curates a helpful calendar of startup-related events. If you use Google Calendar, you can easily subscribe to his startup calendar and never miss out.

I'm sure there's much more…

What resources do you use for startup news? Add your list in the comments below.