I'm (like) Batman

Make your analytics users into superheroes! [preview]


I'm (like) Batman



Hi! This is a bite-sized preview of a long post (or maybe an e-book) that I'm currently writing. (How exciting!) Please if you'd like to know when it's available.

Forensics sucks

Two Star Wars Stormtroopers laugh at one who's had to plunge a toilet Users of analytics are generally on the hunt for answers, not a funtime activity. (Though the luckier ones sometimes do have time to "play around" with data). Sometimes, they're even in an urgent situation requiring a quick fix (think systems administrators faced with an outage).

So why do we make them dig and slice and dice to find the answers they need? Forensic work is a time vampire, and in an update to this post, I'll discuss ways to give users quicker results with less stress, and introduce my concept of a Hunter-Gatherer.

Follow the Zod Principle

General Zod (he got it immediately) How quickly can your users grasp what a report or visualization is trying to say? (The answer should be "pretty quick", if not better.) I'll lay out my Zod Principle (and explain the name).

Make the machine give analytics users superpowers

Wonder Woman The end result of cutting the forensic work out of analytics should be making your users feel and look like they have superpowers.

Build toothbrushes

If you do this well, then in many cases, your users should see your analytics tool as a "toothbrush"—something they'll use frequently because it's quick, painless, and provides a lot of benefits.

Superman Vs. Toothbrush
More to come!