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These guys love Product Camp

PCA 14 (March 2015)

"Derpless Discourse: authentic self-promotion for responding to Forrester, Gartner, & RFPs."

The presentation is here: [Powerpoint] | [Keynote] | [Slideshare (no video)] | [PDF]

PCA 13 (August 2014)

I turned my proposed session (not enough votes! #sadface) about collaborative stack-ranking into a blog post titled, cleverly, "Collaborative prioritization through live group stack ranking". It's got pictures, a sample spreadsheet you can use, and several Star Trek characters. Enjoy!

Credit where it's due

My former colleague JD Hancock does great web design & super-clever photos of sci-fi and other toy figurines. You should check it out.

His "Mirror Spock vs. Shaggy" is licensed under CC BY 2.0.